Limnology Errata (front)

The ‘glossary’ that comprises the latter section of Limnology is a digest of many other texts, presented literatim. However, in the case of O’Reilly’s Irish-English Dictionary of 1864, the process of transcription involved the perpetuation of an inconsistency, namely the omission of certain diacritic marks. The dictionary in question presents each word in a Gaelic script with full diacritics, followed by a Roman equivalent in which some of the diacritics are resolved into additional characters, and others – namely the acute accent – are simply omitted. At the time of its compilation, my intention was to render the source texts as faithfully as possible, to represent their ‘truth’ transparently – to treat them as a kind of object-artefact. As such, any intervention on my part felt like a distortion or misrepresentation.

The issue of replicating existing ‘errors’ is compounded by the fact that I have also introduced those of my own making. To my knowledge these are largely typographical, such as the omission of ‘v’ in ‘vatn’ (for ‘vatn-staðr’) but I also inadvertently gave the Irish word cómhshollus (‘constellation’) a new meaning (‘the confluence of streams’). The above errata card contains those errors of which I am currently aware. In future editions of the book I will perhaps attempt to correct my own mistakes, whilst preserving the rest of the text intact – adding a footnote to highlight any known ‘issues’ with the historical texts, such as the one outlined above.