And the Dark Wheels Again

And the Dark Wheels Again

And the Dark Wheels Again
Text on A3 aquarelle paper

    and the dark wheels again
    winding round
    a line drawn straight up
    a line of beauty
    up into the heights
    and on those winding circles
    (wide wings outstretched
    no beat or flutter
    nothing tangible
    to rest his tail against)
    up goes the hawk
    round and round

Collaged from ‘Birds Climbing the Air’ by Richard Jefferies, found in ‘The Life of the Fields’, 1899.

A key feature of Jefferies’ writing is its particularity – its detailed observations of natural phenomena. ‘Birds Climbing the Air’ describes a pair of buzzards circling on air thermals. These birds are a prominent species here in the valley, eviscerating sheep corpses and thereby opening them up for other scavengers.