scardan postcard (front)

scardan postcard (back)

Scárdán, postcard, A6, 325gsm uncoated card, edition of 500.


The Silence Between

Limnology (28 x 38cm print)

Limnology will be installed at the Paul Stolper Gallery, London, April 29th – May 1st, as part of “The Silence Between” series.

The exhibition will incorporate the music on headphones and a specially commissioned case-bound edition of the accompanying book, presented on a V-shaped display cradle – imitating a valley through which the text/river flows.

The music and book will be accompanied by a series of five new prints, one of which can be seen above. Each is a form of palimpsest – the 1000+ word glossary of ‘water words’ overwritten by an almost asemic patterning of characters derived from the glossary itself, but virtually unreadable. These texts, like many of those within the Limnology book, dramatise the poem which originally appeared in Landings:

What line did the river first write in the valley?
What sense, made over and over, now senseless?

Dissolved salts. Glacial memories.
Inklings of maternal violence
written in moraines,
in alluvium,
in pulverised rock.

(A syllabary, loosened
from grit and clay.)

What is the true note deep within the foss,
heard, straining, above the froth and laughter?

An ancient, unchanging music
that scores valleys,
intones, beckons,
ushers them
into existence.



A Richardson & R Skelton

A further installment in a series of works which began with Wolf Notes (2011), concerning the upland environment around Devoke Water in south-west Cumbria, UK.

In the 1960s, samples from Devoke Water were taken and the embedded pollen grains were analysed, uncovering a fascinating narrative of plant succession over several millennia. Eleven tree genera were identified in a paper published by Winifred Pennington.

The material presented in Relics is a form of salvage; a dredging of the linguistic record for traces of these
lost genera. Each of the eleven trees is visually represented by a trunk cross-section: the innermost ring comprising its earliest linguistic form and the outermost its modern-day equivalent.

24pp pamphlet
Edition of 500

Relics is available to buy individually, or with the Succession Special Edition, which includes the pamphlets Wolfhou and A List of Probable Flora, as well as the Succession music CD.

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